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Morne Manor  is a newly built property which utilises the foundations, history and original brickwork of the nineteenth century English barracks in order to bring out the strength and beauty of old English architecture. All of the surviving construction was retained to the best of our ability and where necessary, some archictecture was recreated. The additions to the property are all added with a view to maintaining the English theme of the period. This is a fully furnished three bedroom private home with three fully fitted bathrooms including Jacuzzis and showers. All bedrooms are air-conditioned with walk-in closets, large flat screen high definition TV's and world class furnishings and each room has its own balcony with a stunning view of the entire North coast of Saint Lucia including the city of Castries, the harbour and the ocean.


There is a large living room, a spacious dining room, a dreamy main kitchen along with a pool kitchen, a large pantry, laundry room, 2, 1/2 baths one in the foyer and one off the laundry room, a huge private air-conditioned office and computer room for the built in security, music and entertainment and camera systems. The foyer serves as an entertainment area with a bar and large HD TV in a comfortable sitting space and leads onto a gigantic balcony and viewing area with a large seating area for relaxation. The spacious pool and pool kitchen serve as a hub for entertaining, with a bar-b-que grill and grilling area, while the outdoor showers and baths provide easy access to bathroom facilities. The spacious, clay-tiled parking area can hold as many as twenty cars at once and can be used for entertainment as well. All rooms, balconies and spaces are fully furnished with world class furniture and appliances which are brand new, and even curtains and linen are provided. The completely fenced and gated property is maintained by a garderner and a housekeeper and the grounds were designed for visual pleasure and natural wonder. It is just 3 minutes to the heart of the capital City and 7 minutes to the closest beach. All of the popular beaches and entertainment areas on the island are within 15 minutes drive of the property, and can all be seen from the balconies of the house.

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