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Vigie Details

Apartments: 4 Bedrooms: 2 single, (1) 2-bedroom, & (1) 3-bedroom Furnished: Fully Available by: Week, Month, Year Address: The Morne, Castries


This multi-storey apartment building is strategically located within 5 minutes of the city, and 1 minute from the beach and the only airport in the North of the island. 


Vigie, as the area is known, is one of the older upscale residential areas, which housed some of the British and French colonials during the country’s colonial years. Many of the buildings date back to colonial times, and remnants of batteries to protect the harbor in times past, can still be seen everywhere.


The property is in a quiet residential area which is generally home to embassies, executive homes and  well-to-do locals.

There are 4 luxury apartments on the  property consisting of 2 single bedroom, 1 2-bedroom and 1-3 bedroom apartment. All apartments are air-conditioned and fully equipped with all the luxuries of home.


All tenants have access to the spectacular views of the vigie harbor and Castries City, as well as the serene pool in the middle of the property.


The first apartment as you approach from the private driveway, is on the ground level.


You enter into a spacious living and dining room space which is tastefully air-conditioned and outfitted with a comfortable settee, centre table, Television and Dinette set. 


From here you move to the kitchen which is fully equipped with all steel kitchen equipment, a washer/dryer  and many other household accessories.


Leave the kitchen and you pass the bathroom as you approach the bedroom. Here is an air-conditioned retreat with a queen sized bed, and spacious closet facilities.


 Apartment two is very similar in furnishings, but is laid out slightly differently. The kitchen and dining room are off to the left as you enter and the living room is to your right.


Pass through to the air-conditioned bedroom and again the bed is queen-sized with expansive closet space.

The bathroom is spacious and is off to the left of the bedroom.


The largest and most luxurious apartment is the middle apartment.


 You enter unto a large balcony, with a spectacular view of Castries and the Castries harbor. Upon entering the house, you can go to the fully equipped kitchen on the left and into the half bath and laundry further on, or you can go into the dining room and living room area to the right.


A short walk up the stairs, and you are in the bedroom spaces. Two well- appointed air-conditioned bedrooms separated by a common bathroom.


Once again the rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished for comfort, each having its own private access.

Last, but not least we come to the master bedroom, with all the furnishings and comforts of true luxury. This ensuite room also boasts a Jacuzzi along with all its other amenities.


From the balcony at the end of the room, the city harbor of Castries can clearly be seen along with the entire city centre.

Next we move onto the 2 bedroom well-appointed fully furnished apartment. Here again the furnishings are exquisite, and as with all the other apartments, all the amenities of comfort are included.


This apartment boasts a standing shower and a tub in the bathroom, and both rooms are air-conditioned with gracious closet space.


The view from this apartment is one of the best on the entire island, displaying the beauty of the Castries harbor and all its environs, including the City.


All in all this is a very safe and distinguished neighborhood in which you can enjoy the best of what St Lucia has to offer.

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